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Complete Vehicle & Premises Sanitisation Solutions

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We're excited to have signed up with ZirconiteUK to add the new BioSecure complete sanitisation system to our range of specialist detailing services.

This NEW GENERATION infection control product delivers a 99.999% kill rate of bacteria and viruses in seconds and lasts 27 days. 


So whether you are an individual vehicle owner, have a fleet of corporate cars, vans, taxis or coaches, are lucky enough to have your own plane or helicopter, or are in the transportation business, this  latest technology in Infection Control delivers a superior grade product is proven to eliminate all types of fungus, spores, bacteria, viruses and mould.  BioSecure is also suitable for premises such as retail, corporate and retail.

BioSecure tackles over 150 pathogens killing Covid 19, MRSA, Salmonella, Norovirus and Hepatitis.


So how does it work?

The DEFRA approved Genie BIO Mist (GBM) is administered via an air assisted gun which heats up the solution to enable the active ingredient to rise and provide full coverage of the treated area.  The mist can find and sanitise  hard to reach areas, getting into all the nooks and crannies that regular antibacterial cleaning can often miss.  In vehicles this includes under seats, air vents, headlining and the air recirculation system. This is a powerful disinfectant totally biodegradable to Water and Oxygen making it one of the SAFEST DISINFECTANTS available.  It releases a large amount of OXYGEN into the environment thus improving the internal air quality and well-being of the passenger/driver.

Safe on all surfaces

No stickiness

No residue

No odour

Lasts 27 days

Prices start from only £12.95 for vehicles and £9.95 per room for premises*

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*dependent on size of vehicle/room