Specialists in Ceramic Coating 

What is Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is very simply a second  layer of protection which is applied to your car's paintwork. You can't see it and it doesn't affect your paintwork, it enhances it and protects it from things that possibly damage it.  Things like chemicals, UV rays, bird droppings, oxidation and even minor scratches. Done properly and correctly maintained the benefits of a ceramic coating will last for years.

How does it work?

A ceramic coating is a liquid containing ceramic, quartz or glass which uses nanotechnology which means that tiny particles come together to create a near invisible layer which bonds to the paint of your car.  It is the use of these materials within the liquid which offer the highest levels of paint protection on the market.

Why do I need it?

Buying a car is a big investment, nothing feels quite as good as picking up that brand new shiny vehicle, and you promise yourself you will always keep it looking as good as they day you picked it up!  You want to protect that investment. But the elements don't always make that easy and seem to attack your vehicle from every angle.  Mud, stones, dust, ice and rain can all damage your paintwork, and rectifying these can sometimes be costly.

Ceramic coating your car exterior can protect your paintwork from the damage the elements can cause, and not only that, the coating makes it much easier to keep your car clean.  Because of its hydrophobic qualities the ceramic coating is repels dirt and mud which means your car stays cleaner for longer.  And importantly a ceramic coating keeps that showroom gloss all year round, no extra waxing required.

Is ceramic coating only for paintwork?

No definitely not!  You can also ceramic protect your wheels, and calipers which are just as vulnerable when it comes to the elements and the dirt and debris on the roads they come in contact with.  As with paintwork ceramic coating your wheels means that they repel brake dust keeping them cleaner and shinier for longer.

Penn Auto Care Ceramic Coatings

Before we apply any ceramic coating we take care to prepare your vehicle and how we do that depends on its age and condition:

We take great pride in our ceramic coating skills and treat your car like our own. We use only top of the range Zirconite products which can deliver 2 different types of coating:

ZQ9h Quartz Nano Coating which is a permanent quartz (glass) multi-surface protective sealant providing advanced chemical and corrosion resistance, applied as a single durable coat.  For life extension we can also top this with ZC Boosta which chemically fuses to the ceramic coating giving it hydrophobic properties, a super glossy scratch resistant finish and protection from UV rays and chemical stains.

NanoGlaze which is a chemically fused, wax based acrylic coating which provides a long lasting high gloss finish and those all important hydrophobic properties.


We carefully wash the exterior of the vehicle to make sure it is residue free so that the ceramic coating will bond correctly with your paintwork.


Decontamination- this is where we use chemicals to remove iron fallout and tar.


We then machine polish the paintwork (if required) and as many minor scratches as possible so that the ceramic is applied to the optimum surface.  A finish is only as good as the surface it is coating.


We use a clay bar to make sure that any residue not removed by simple washing is eliminated to ensure there is no remaining contamination left which could cause future damage to the paintwork.


We do a final clean using a panel prep solvent  which ensures the paintwork is ready for the ceramic application.


Ceramic coating application


Post ceramic maintenance washes